Committed to neoclassic

Classic designs, strict architecture, clear lines, decorative Grand Tour objects

Based on this maxim, you can bring a piece of history into your own four walls with us.

A classicist design regularly forms the basis for design and modern furnishing concepts.




Historical interpretations and objects fit seamlessly into a contemporary lifestyle.

Centuries-old furniture and decorative works of art now also follow important contemporary ideals:




Conserved and restored through the traditional methods of craftsmanship, the individual objects preserve what they also signalled to their original owner: an expression of individuality and uniqueness.


Past inspiration for today's standards


We rediscover objects, collect them from all over Europe and conserve them for the future.

For thirty years, we have looked after national and international collections for museums and private collectors.

The Dresden gallery at Obergraben in Dresden Neustadt

Kunsthandel Ladrón de Guevara

Obergraben 10

01097 Dresden


+49(0)351 / 2000010

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