Contact and inquiries


One cannot show or explain everything online. There will always remain questions.

Please contact us if you wish for more detailed information, have a restoration request, have seen or read something somewhere, or need professional advice.


Either use the adjacent form or simply call us.


A newsletter will soon be launched, too, with exciting news.


No matter in what format, we look forward to hearing from you.


Do you also ship internationally?


If you have fallen in love with an object during a visit to our Dresden shop, we will find a way for it to come to you.


Do you also buy objects?


We are very specialized in our choices and offerings. For this reason, we buy very selectively.

You are welcome to send us pictures of your piece of furniture by email. We will then get back to you with an assessment.


How does it work with restoration?


If possible, practical and desirable from your side, we prefer to look at and inspect the object in question in your home, because after restoration it should match the colour of your other furniture.


An email in advance will be useful here, in which we provide a quotation for this service and an estimate for the restoration effort. We will then pick up the furniture and deliver it back to your home after restoration. We can discuss the procedure for smaller projects and objects.

Is there proof of origin?


Our business also includes the obtaining of art historical expert knowledge for you.


Can you advise us on interior design ?


A sense of style and home decor are very personal issues. If you feel comfortable with our classicist-inspired world, we would be happy to work with you on developing an integrative design concept that incorporates existing influences and existing pieces and gently adds new ones.


I would like to have a new object, but what about the old one?


If it is furniture from the period that fits into our portfolio, you are welcome to trade it in.

Sometimes, a coordinated design concept also makes sense. Just talk to us, there are as many options as there are needs.


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